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Brittany Geragotelis By BrittTheBookSlayer Completed

Bliss has always been different. Because of a condition called CIPA, she’s never felt pain–no headaches, no cramps, no charlie horses. She also can’t sweat, cry or even play sports without endangering her life. And the worst part? She knows she has an expiration date, and it is probably fairly soon -- most people like her don't live past the age of 18.

So, what's a girl to do? Well, if you're Bliss, you give the world the finger and decide to live life on your own terms. For her, this means training with her top-secret government agent mom in the art of hand-to-hand combat, and convincing her mad scientist dad to invent a special suit that will let her seek out the world's dangers without overheating and biting the big one. She is determined to take the world on, fighting the “bad guys” and leaving her mark during the short time she has.

But when an old friend from CIPA camp asks her to help track down others like them who've suddenly disappeared under mysterious circumstances, her reckless lifestyle is put to the ultimate test. Especially when the junior government agent-in-training her mom assigns to help them with the case turns out to be totally hot--and totally into her. Torn between her feelings of anger toward the life she's been dealt and the one she could have if she just let others in, Bliss takes off on a mission that might just be her last.

_ellac16 _ellac16 Jul 14
That's the bad thing about having that ability. Your body signals pain to the place you are injured as a survival instinct. Without it, you wouldn't know you are dying or hurt and can't fix it.
_ellac16 _ellac16 Jul 14
This is the only thing I don't like. Most people who write these books put them as super pretty and have all the boys chasing after her and everything and it's annoying cuz I want just one character normal. No offense just speaking my thoughts
I think there's a similar actual condition to this! It's pretty incredible yet scary.
EarthyGirl EarthyGirl Apr 23
Does she get scanned every day? Wouldn't the radiation be dangerous if repeated that often? (I really like this story by the way!)
Ririnnie Ririnnie Oct 11
Guess i read this bcz i just learn about this..Anywy i save this book in my library for years..Finally..Read it😂 Hopefully its good
Wouldn't u think it's a bit lonely I know ur trying to sound cool but deep inside I know u want to have friends I SOUND LIKE MY MUM OH GOD