My Love Addiction

My Love Addiction

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My Love Addiction: Trilogy is catching up on the lives of the old and the new.

  Cover made by MilaDon.
Book Produced by WannaBe.


Te'Ala Knight, is now twenty years old and living her best life in the city of New York. Going to college for her degree in Psychology, she's doing everything that she planned to do with her life except for the big elephant in the room that happened to do with her love life: Terrance. After her boyfriend lost his career, it was as if his life had been over and with his, hers had also been brought down too. She took care of him, fed him, and clothed him. But only being twenty years old, she feels like she has too much on her plate, and leaves her life in shambles.

Tunchi, at twenty years old, is doing everything he ever dreamed and following his dreams of being a rapper. Being a multi million dollar rapper, Tunchi is thriving in his career and even has a girlfriend, Irene. But with his career, comes his need to be more than just a rapper, but someone in another special persons life. But how will he when he hasn't seen her since there last encounter? But what happens when something terrible happens and finally everyone meets back up again and he can not run  and is finally faced to face with the person he couldn't stop thinking  about?

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siann24 siann24 May 17, 2016
Hell naw devin you better come get daughter she smoking what you selling
Melaninduchess Melaninduchess Aug 06, 2016
Noo girl I thought you meant weed Tea you a crack head?😭😭😭 you have so much going for yourself stop settling for less baby
babygaaal babygaaal Mar 26, 2016
Oh hell nah.! Cocaine .?! Time for yo ass to go back home right ni'
NiqueNiquuee NiqueNiquuee Aug 20, 2016
He Lowkey Be Running Around The House While She At School 😭😭🏃🏽
LaaaaMaaaax3 LaaaaMaaaax3 Nov 04, 2015
he don't want to walk cause he know when he finally do she gone Leave for tunchi
TaeKardash_ TaeKardash_ Nov 30, 2014
thanks for tricking me. lol sike naw but this series has really kept me interested and in grateful for these books. thank you for the entertainment love.