My Love Addiction

My Love Addiction

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WannaBe__ By WannaBe__ Completed

My Love Addiction: Trilogy is catching up on the lives of the old and the new. Their all addicted to love but some are not addicted to the love they want to be, don't trust the love their addicted too, can't focus on the new because their focused on their pass addiction, and last but not least their love addictions are not the least good.

  Cover made by MilaDon.
Book Produced by WannaBe.


siann24 siann24 May 17
Hell naw devin you better come get daughter she smoking what you selling
Noo girl I thought you meant weed Tea you a crack head?😭😭😭 you have so much going for yourself stop settling for less baby
babygaaal babygaaal Mar 26
Oh hell nah.! Cocaine .?! Time for yo ass to go back home right ni'
He Lowkey Be Running Around The House While She At School 😭😭🏃🏽
LaaaaMaaaax3 LaaaaMaaaax3 Nov 04, 2015
he don't want to walk cause he know when he finally do she gone Leave for tunchi
dammmmmmmm wft ..tahts some hard stuff to deal with 5years later