Up in Flames » Bellamy Blake [Book Two]

Up in Flames » Bellamy Blake [Book Two]

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tara margaret By cressweIIs Updated Nov 22, 2015

[Sequel to Born to Die]

"Princess isn't going down without a fight."

Olivia Ross is a completely different person than she was only months prior as a prisoner on the Ark, but now she's no longer a convict. She's on the ground, she made it to Earth. Reunited with her twin brother, Ashton, it seemed like nothing could stop her now. As a fearless leader of her people, she was unstoppable. 

That is, until those who inhabit Mount Weather kidnap her along with forty-seven others from her camp, unaware as to how her closest friends, Octavia, Finn, and Raven are. And more importantly, Bellamy Blake.

The once tense relationship between the two had budded into something more and Liv was determined to find him once again, no matter what the costs.

But, little did she know that her actions could get everyone else that she cares about killed in the process.

And if that wasn't enough to drive Liv to the brink of insanity, this time around there's going to be more than just two Ross's walking the planet Earth.

[season two]
[book two of the olivia ross series]

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craneyotic craneyotic Jul 16, 2017
I feel like Liv is the one that's more in command than Clarke rn
Liv is not a second in command. She did more in the fight than Clarke
WritingBeAurora WritingBeAurora Dec 29, 2017
"Have you ever seen a savage before?"
                              "A what?" 
                              "A savage."
                              "He's right here."
-werelion -werelion Jan 18, 2017
I hate this doctor with so much passion the second I saw her face I knew she was trouble
rainbowsprinkles0308 rainbowsprinkles0308 Aug 20, 2016
everything is blue 
                              his pills
                              his hands
                              his jeans 
                              and now I'm covered in the colors pulled apart at the seams
                              and it's blue
                              and it's blue
_supermoose_ _supermoose_ Apr 09, 2015