It WasYou All Along (levixreader)

It WasYou All Along (levixreader)

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This is my first fan fiction so sorry any errors and stuff like that. :)

(y/n)= your name

Reiner Braun. Reiner Braun. REINER BRAUN.

That was all you could think about.

He was the guy you liked ever since you joined the Survey Corps. 

"So what is it that you see in him?" Your best friend Mikasa asked.  She was sitting with you and her boyfriend Eren in the dining Hall.. Reiner and Annie and Bertholdt happen to sitting at the same table but not to talk to y'all.

"Oh he's tall, and blonde, and muscular, and so cute!" Eren looked at me weird "I have some concerns (y/n)! We all three laughed in unison.

Then I noticed Annie slide over. "Ooo" she said giving me evil eyes. "Yeah you're right (y/n)! Reiner is cute and that's why he's dating me!"

   Annie and Reiner laughed. "I wouldn't ever date you!" He said pointing at you. Bertholdt just sat there sweating.

  "Annie quit b...

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But I'm like 1 in China taller then him.... crap I guess this means I short
za10032 za10032 Jan 22
they are “tears” sir. you know when you’re crying bc your emotions bubble over? but you seoul’s know anything about that would you since  YOU LOOK AT EVERYONE LIKE AN INSECT
What do I see in him.....?
                              WhAt dO I SeE iN HiM.....? 
                              I SeE NoThINg iN TrASh
AmethysNam AmethysNam Feb 24
Shes in her room slicing up her wrist if u wanna know whats happening
kitcatkim kitcatkim Jan 11
yeeeeesaaaahhh I'm like almost 5'8....
                              I still love him though😍😘
I'm shorter than him by 3 in. My parents say ill probably 5'5" so if I'm at his age I'll probably be taller than him