Klaus Mikaelson's Girl [Klayley]

Klaus Mikaelson's Girl [Klayley]

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allianna By kidgarbage Updated Mar 18, 2015

"You're Klaus Mikaelson's girl." The witch studies Hayley as if she's a century old grimoire. 

"Is that really what I'm known for?" 


Hayley Marshall didn't expect to run into the big bad hybrid, Niklaus Mikaelson, again when she left Mystic Falls to find her family in New Orleans, given the information from once again none other than Klaus.

But as far as concerns go, knowing a Mikaelson can be quick to put you in the centre of their business. Add spending a drunken one night stand with the almighty Original Hybrid, who knows what trouble can be stirred into the mix?

[Features Sam and Dean from Supernatural]

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jada_mendoza jada_mendoza Oct 25, 2015
Love it♥️ every one else's story completely lose character but yours sound like what the actual characters would say
KandHM KandHM Nov 30, 2014
Again, I loved it. I wonder how Klaus' and Hayley's relationship evolve after he just ordered her and his child's death. Please update soon.
KandHM KandHM Nov 30, 2014
Loved it. And I like the difference between your story and the show. Cant wait to read more. and Thanks for writing a new story.
Amandi_Styles Amandi_Styles Nov 30, 2014
once again absolutely adoring this, i like how ur not changing a lot of stuff but still hope they get together fast
Amandi_Styles Amandi_Styles Nov 30, 2014
yaaaas a new klayley story to read by a great writer im lovin it so far their interactions are perf