People Meet Percabeth

People Meet Percabeth

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Daughter of Athena By Book_worm_4_life_987 Updated Nov 22, 2016

Annabeth and Percy. Percy and Annabeth. Or as many like to call them....Percabeth. The perfect couple. 

They just want a break from wars and monsters. But of coarse the Fates are not done meddling with their lives. Many envy their wonderful love and try to break them up. But they don't know who they're messing with. Love always prevails. 

* * * 

All PJO and HoO characters go to Rick Riordan. Collection of One-shots.

ShadowsAreFalling ShadowsAreFalling Nov 26, 2016
Chapter: Well, that's my cue to take your soul and crush it beneath my feet like chips!
                              Me: He has to be alive. Right?
                              Chapter: I don't know but you're assuming he is so I'll just take your soul now.
ShadowsAreFalling ShadowsAreFalling Nov 26, 2016
Me: Enough Chapter! I've taken enough of this torture! I'll just pretend I never read you!
                              Chapter: You can't pretend forever. You'll have to think about it eventually...
Maybe it got ready during their time of talking and stuffness
I am doing terrible HOW COULD YOY DO THAT TO MEEEE??😭😭
Hadiah21 Hadiah21 Jan 07
                              FANGIRLS ATTACK!!!!!!
                              *charges with swords from Camp*