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I Think I Can Manage (The Dawn's Residence series #2)

I Think I Can Manage (The Dawn's Residence series #2)

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nyc. By MusicRaspberryLove Completed

The bed wobbles under Brian's weight as he scoots closer behind me. "Fran?"

Spoke too soon.

I gulp, too afraid to turn around. "Yeah?"

"Fran." He says my name like a prayer.

I squeeze my legs closer together, "What." The bed wobbles again. His fingers tickle my waist as they skim my nightgown under the covers. The heat of his body makes me want to shove the covers off of me.

"Turn around." Brian whispers boldly placing one of his hands on my waist. 

I take a sharp intake of breath. "Bad idea."

"I know." He breathes against my neck.


This is more than just a love story between two people looking to put back the pieces that were never scattered in the first place. It's a story about a boy and girl figuring out what it truly means to love. And that it takes more than a couple mistakes to prove this.

Okay, maybe more than a couple, but still.


LeandrasMommy LeandrasMommy Jan 23, 2016
Just finished the first one. I read it in two nights. You have me hooked. I've never written a book but have thought about it numerous times it's just that when I go to write I have no idea what to write lol
lovebooksmusiclife92 lovebooksmusiclife92 Sep 20, 2015
The only exuse for her behave rn could be HER being pregnant...!
MistyNicole MistyNicole Jan 03, 2015
nope they are not allowed to get married I don't like lora she's annoying lol
MusicRaspberryLove MusicRaspberryLove Dec 30, 2014
It explains the whole situation in the first story, I Think I'm Falling For My Stepbrother. But just in case you don't want to read the whole thing, its on chapter 20-21 :)
xscapexox xscapexox Dec 21, 2014
Nope I can't!!!!!!! Loraine annoys the crap out of me already!!!!!
leynaaa_ leynaaa_ Nov 29, 2014
I'm solo excited im addicted to the book, you are like the best writer ever