Forbidden Love (Teen Wolf/ Derek Hale)

Forbidden Love (Teen Wolf/ Derek Hale)

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hoechlinslover By hoechlinslover Updated Oct 03, 2015

"Why do we fall in love so easy, even when it's not right?" 

What if your family were werewolf hunters? What if you were a werewolf? How would you hide that? Especially after you fall in love with one. 

That's Alessia Argents life. After going out with Scott, Stiles and Allison in the middle of the night, something changes her whole life. Someone, some family who the Argents hate, is Alessia's love. Derek Hale. Her family hunts werewolves, it's not so easy to hid, especially when you're being trained to kill werewolves. So why not go along with it? Throw off the suspicion. 

Staying away from Derek would be the best option. Right? 

But staying away from love is hard. Even if it's forbidden.

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