Sexual Offenderman x Reader Lemon

Sexual Offenderman x Reader Lemon

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Cha Senpai By JeVivrai Completed

Yes? Lemons you say? 

Slender Lemons? 

Well then, here it is! 
The book you have been looking for! 

Unless you saw this randomly. 

(Warning: Lemons means it's a book with sexual content. Please do not read if it's inappropriate for you)

iloveLJandEJ iloveLJandEJ 6 days ago
*Takes Both*  
                              Offender: "Why did u do that?"
                              Me:" Because i like both colors!"
                              Offender: 😑
PixlatedShipper PixlatedShipper 6 days ago
                              Cicero: SHES MINE YOU HORNY HORKAR 
                              Im just here cause im out of Cicero x readers
PixlatedShipper PixlatedShipper 6 days ago
Hm *takes both*
                              Offendy: u cant do dat
                              Me: yes I can and if I try to kill me I SHALL send u to the void
Emma_and_Alex Emma_and_Alex 6 days ago
Uuuhh.....imma take both..
                              Him: wha? No u cant do that!
                              Alex: *runs away*
                              Him: u cant run!
                              Alex: yes i can, i can also do this! *moonwalks and flips him off with the roses* *copies Michael Jackson* HEE HEE! *runs away*
Attack_On_Pasta Attack_On_Pasta 6 days ago
*slaps roses out of his hands* bish please! Get yo hentai azz tentacles away from meh!
Laito GTFOOH(get the fick out of here) this is a story abotyt me and offender don't bug in!