Sexual Offenderman x Reader Lemon

Sexual Offenderman x Reader Lemon

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Cha Senpai By JeVivrai Completed

Yes? Lemons you say? 

Slender Lemons? 

Well then, here it is! 
The book you have been looking for! 

Unless you saw this randomly. 

(Warning: Lemons means it's a book with sexual content. Please do not read if it's inappropriate for you)

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SilktheTv SilktheTv Sep 27, 2017
First comes pain tho. And if you do it wrong THEN IM ONLY GONNA FEEL PAIN
"Ah! Stay away from me." 
                              What I would of done: "TF WHERE IS YOUR FACE JESUS CHRIST GET TF AWAY FROM ME SCREEEEEEEEEEEEEECH"
laylakiller laylakiller Feb 11
Offender chooses his victims but since she was willing the have sex with him he didn't need a rose the roses are for those who deny him
See I have a problem with lemons. And reading them all the time. 😔 this one was good tho. ❤
UnicornPoop42 UnicornPoop42 Oct 16, 2017
Offender: *offers roses*
                              Me: What use would they have?
                              Offender: ...
                              Me: Honestly, people these days. Offering useless Sh!t.
Roses? Uhm no *knocks the roses out his hands and crushes them and keeps on walking*