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Pieces To The Puzzle

Pieces To The Puzzle

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orangeroo By orangeroo Updated Nov 13, 2010

these are just more poems... :)
personally, i like these better.

CathyL0v3 CathyL0v3 Nov 30, 2010
YES! You used the word 'relentless'! Thanks Kangaroo!
                              I love, love, that word. It adds a special amount of spice to compositions of writing. 
                              This is....brill. For real. (; i like the thought of a 'sinister memoir'. :)
                              love, Cathy.
merbear921 merbear921 Jul 18, 2010
@orangeroo well, fine then! no, jk xD and no problem... you told me to comment/etc., and i will :P i will critisize when it is needed, trust me ;3
orangeroo orangeroo Jul 17, 2010
@merbear921 dude, shut up!( in a good way)  haha... thanks! :)
merbear921 merbear921 Jul 17, 2010
we certainly need the "like" tool here! :3 i love the abyss-like depth to all your poems and the like. really, you could so win some contests... i believe you may just have a wonderful talent here. don't let anyone tell you otherwise! ^^ good work.