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Mark Me Yours

Mark Me Yours

73.6K Reads 2.7K Votes 10 Part Story
crystaleyes By Darkatheart Completed

Ash is a boy with severe anxiety disorder.  He hates people and has spent seven years of his life home bound but now, he is being sent to school.  There he meets Davis his sexy math teacher and his devilish twin Jeff.  They both want him but with his innocence and clueless thoughts what will happen? 
What if he discovers their secret and realize that they are not who they appear to be?  They are not even human.  Will he let the twins take him to place of bliss or will he lapse and let his anxiety control him.  They are not human, so it may work?  After all, he does love animals.

Demon_Child_13 Demon_Child_13 Nov 23, 2016
Y r u calling my child a wench u little small titty, no ass ugly green grinch. 😈
Damn, straight from a Larry fic and now my heart hurts, don't ve mean Lima bean!!!!
Demon_Child_13 Demon_Child_13 Nov 23, 2016
Can someone give me a knife, bomb, gun?! SOMETHING SO I CAN PURGE THEIR ASSES
TheeAhni TheeAhni Feb 07, 2016
Wtf, if I were him I would have been dropped kicked those bitches and punched them in their throats
A91011 A91011 Sep 12, 2016
Throws her through a window " now that problem is solved carry on".
TheeAhni TheeAhni Feb 07, 2016
He straight said "that girl" like she's nothing to him lmao I love his dad already