How To Love Christmas

How To Love Christmas

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Estelle Richards' parents don't celebrate Christmas. She doesn't feel like she's missing out on anything - she's just used to it by now. After a tragedy convinced her to follow her parents to New York about a year and a half ago, she's spent her previously outgoing life in the quiet. And she likes it. She likes it a lot.

Noel Pearson is only tolerable on the subject of two things: his younger sister and Christmas. Since the latter is rushing up to meet them, he's determined to put on his brightest smile. But when he hears that there's a freshman girl who has never had a Christmas in her entire life, he decides that she's his next challenge.

There's just one problem: he's got less than a month.

Can he really teach Estelle Richards how to love Christmas in just twenty-five days?


Warning: this is a cute, cliché Christmas story. Read at your own risk!

ChickLit #30 [02.12.14]
Teen Fic #210 [18.12.14]

XoHannahBanana XoHannahBanana Nov 17, 2016
Wow, we have the same name. I'm excited to read your story Hannah 😊
alexaq_ alexaq_ Dec 15, 2016
Actually right now it's like December 14th I should have read this sooner
shinydorito shinydorito Dec 09, 2016
One problem with this highschool stereotype:  in order to contstantly play sports and be an athlete, u have to maintain a healthy lifestyle... Going each weekend  and getting black out drunk isint doing that.
ConnerSterling ConnerSterling Dec 07, 2016
I don't think it's fair for her to ask this, not everybody celebrates Christmas.
catie1350 catie1350 Dec 26, 2016
I just wanted to say while I love all the descriptions here, it looks a little clustered and confusing/messy with all these parentheses- especially parentheses within parentheses
ConnerSterling ConnerSterling Dec 06, 2016