give it up  /  haikyuu #1

give it up / haikyuu #1

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phantomsigh phantomsigh Apr 12, 2016
Hi there!
                              I just thought of a request (and this is one of my first times asking for one) and I would like to ask for a Child! Oikawa Tōru X Child! Reader please! Also, maybe there could also be a part where they meet up in high school again? I'm so sorry if this is a it to ask!!
ethan_donnelly ethan_donnelly Apr 06, 2016
Um..hello if it's possible could I request a kenma x reader? Like, the reader wants to learn how play volleyball and is a bit of a tomboy. She's also kenma's childhood friend. If it needs more clarification please tell me. Thank you for taking your time to see it~!
Mari-Rua Mari-Rua Jun 22, 2016
Kk au time Kenma x reader
                              Reader works at Starbucks and Kenma who constantly goes there to order his usual uses multiple fake names like Applepi or one for his favorite character but reader rlly wants to know his name but somehow finds out by stalking him at break you can make up your own stuff too
TheCelestialDragon28 TheCelestialDragon28 May 11, 2015
If you're atill taking in requests, can I request of a Sugawara x Reader and/or Nishinoya x Reader? Thanks!
creamsiclecarlile creamsiclecarlile May 09, 2015
If you are taking requests still I would literally explode if you did a Suga lemon >3<
s-eouI s-eouI Mar 25, 2015
are you still taking requests atm??? o: if so, can i request a yamaguchi x reader? >u< thank you!