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The Superhero Revolution

The Superhero Revolution

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SupermansKryptonite9 By SupermansKryptonite9 Updated Jan 05, 2016

Superheroes never used to exist. You'd hear about them in the movies and comics. There's Superman, Iron Man, Spider Man and every other man you could possibly think of. Well, now superheroes are a part of a new revolution. One that makes them our primary go-to people. If they're even human that is. Bank robbery? Superheroes. Earthquake? Superheroes. There's been an outbreak of superheroes across the state - and villains.

Welcome to Glenndale, a place that was left untouched by superheroes and villains besides their appearance in the latest Avengers movie. Glenndale, meet the latest hero; Obsidian Shade.

My name is Felicity Hale, my dad's the local sheriff and this year I'll be graduating high school - finally. Life was starting to look up until I ran into a certain superhero, and kept running into him. Well he finds me. He's fast, he's strong, and did I mention he has a banging bod? Obsidian Shade hasn't been around for long but it looks like he might be staying a while.

Omg I got a really funny visual from "The man, now on top of me, was thrown across the car park." 😂😂😂
So we had this new girl forever ago in like 7th grade and this kid Blake in my grade like touches her arm or something and she goes, "Eww go away you have cooties," and Blake just laughs and says, "Honey, we're big kids now. They're called STD's." 😂😂
Is it true that you can get high off of poppies 😂😂😂
Ugh, have fun trying to get wet jeans off 😬😬 (that was not an innuendo people I swear 😂😂)
boo-who boo-who Dec 28, 2015
I'm like a hundred percent sure he's the hero. Although, I really wish he wasn't. I'm not exactly rooting for him.
StuckInMyFangirlLife StuckInMyFangirlLife Nov 17, 2015
OMG yassss! My best friend has a new crush every month or two also. It's cool and annoying at the same time.