It Takes Two To Kiss (A Joe Sugg FanFic)

It Takes Two To Kiss (A Joe Sugg FanFic)

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zoe By loserforhire Completed

When Amanda Smith moves to London after getting sick of living with her drug addicted mother, her entire life is changed as her longtime family friend, Alfie Deyes, introduces her to many new people. For once in her life she is happy, she has a family, she is wanted.

But then it all goes down hill.

*This story is mine so don't copy it (not that you would want to lmao).*
*This story is sappy, cliche, horribly written and just all out bad. You've been warned.*

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nesquikbbaby nesquikbbaby May 14, 2017
I always fly with good Ol' Virgin Australia (no sarcasm {maybe a little}.) but I am Australia and I sometimes fly with Virgin Australia and I used to with JetStar but they scammed my family sooooo now I'm telling you about my life story...
dylanocryin95 dylanocryin95 Oct 17, 2017
                              GO MEET LIZ HEMMINGS AND GIVE HER A HUG FROM ME
bob_the_bunny100 bob_the_bunny100 Jul 22, 2017
The cool London air. More like the polluted, sticky humid air of London
_Harry_Ate_My_Nandos _Harry_Ate_My_Nandos May 24, 2017
18, still got a few years before I become the coolest kid in the street.
_Harry_Ate_My_Nandos _Harry_Ate_My_Nandos May 24, 2017
Crazy. I'm moving to London from Australia too wtf! hahah :)
mayaaamayaaa mayaaamayaaa Jan 17, 2017
There's a lot of stereotypes for Aussies like people always ask me "do you eat vegemite on bread or what?" And I'm always like "I eat it by itself" not lying I love eating it by itself