Bori story

Bori story

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Jhunie Mae Baron By culetz Completed

Tori's POV 

I just wake up when I hear there's someone outside I walk downstairs and open the door when I saw.....Beck

Beck:hey Tori

Me:hey Beck

Me:what do you.......I just cut off by Beck kissing me and pushing me inside and sits with me on the couch I cut off the kiss

Me:why did you do that?

Beck: I want to

Me:but why?

Beck:I like you

Me:Beck I don't like you.... (He looks sad)I love you

Beck:I love you too

Me:I love you more then (I kissed him turns to make out session)

Me:do you want to stay with me tonight you know it's still 12 am


Sorry for a short chapter!!!! I'll update if I get 10likes or 10 readers 

Love y'all

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