Listen Up, Brats {Levi x Reader Fanfic}

Listen Up, Brats {Levi x Reader Fanfic}

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You are one of the most skilled fighters the world has to offer. As a Corporal, it is your job to bring out the potential in the strong and weed out the weak. 

He is a teenaged criminal from the underground who's been forced to join the Survey Corps. His skills are almost as, if not more, amazing than yours. 

Disclaimer: All characters are not mine. The belong to Hajime Isayama. All that I own is (most of) the storyline and the OCs. 

This story contains adult language and adult situations. 

There will also be another book containing all R18 smut scenes called "Listen Up, Brats ~ Lemons"

(Isabel and Farlan won't be in here either. Sorry!)


me: wait one sec
                              levi: ???
                              Me: *sips water*
                              Levi: I don't see wha-
                              Me: *Spits water at him*
I would have a one on teamwork because if I worked with someone I didn't like u would make them a titan snack
WonderSans WonderSans Nov 14
well ill just go sit in a corner and die for a few minutes 
                              dont mind me
My hair is too short for a pony tail....soooo ignoring that.
TheAllAround TheAllAround Dec 15, 2015
My file:
                              Everything else: 10/10
                              Teamwork: -627949391946381918301\10
natkanidlova123 natkanidlova123 Oct 22, 2015
after reading this i tried to find a good rock... why? because i wanted to smack my head on it...