Fight For You [Levi x Reader x Eren Fanfic]

Fight For You [Levi x Reader x Eren Fanfic]

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You spent your life yearning to live outside the walls and to do that, you join the Scouting Legion.

There you meet a boy named Eren, who you fall for. Shortly after, you meet a man named Levi.

You never intended to find love out here, but with your luck you find two men who are willing to risk their lives for you.

Will you choose one or will you live your life alone? Will you even live to make that decision?

Lilly_Ackerman_Chan Lilly_Ackerman_Chan Jul 17, 2016
B-but that's my name and my nickname whale this got awkward fast....
yami163 yami163 Oct 28, 2016
I don't know why but this reminded me of Levi for some odd reason.
WeirdAzzPerson WeirdAzzPerson Oct 17, 2016
These are the faces of the people in the back Round of the theme song for the anime show...
                              " HO HO HO HO HO HO "
SophiaIsabelleX SophiaIsabelleX Nov 04, 2016
I have a friend called Lilian (but we all call her lily) and a friend called Megan woah
BulletsOrLove BulletsOrLove Sep 20, 2015
LEARN TO CRAFT.......DONT CRY CRAFT *phandom claps and goes mental*
Queenacex Queenacex Feb 04, 2015
Excuse me while I die of my own AWSOMENESS. I just almost won against Levi in my perspective- and met Yeager Bombastic. XDDDD