Louis Tomlinson Preferences

Louis Tomlinson Preferences

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I'mFabLOUIS❤️ By ChloeTomlinson66 Updated Jul 27, 2015

You love the taste of cherries, so when you were out buying groceries there it was, cherrie flavored gum. You grabbed three packs, bought your groceries and went home.

"Babe! Your back! I missed you so much!" Louis dramatically exclaimed. " So what did you buy,Hm?" He said hugging you from behind. 
"Well food unless you want to starve," you said. 
"Here I'll help you put the food away." 

"Ok then don't get too excited," you say sarcastically. 
As you guys were putting the food away Louis grabbed the gum from the bottom of the bag. Him knowing that cherries were your favorite, and your weak spot. Smirking he asks "Where did you find cherrie flavored gum?" 
"At the register," you said.
"Can I have a piece?" 
"You may not."
"What why??"
"Because you ate all of it the last time" 

So what does he do? Opens the pack and gets 3 and chews them and runs over to the couch and just stares at you. Well two can play at that game. You went over to him and sat right in his lap, in which made him g...

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