FNAF Bonnie x Reader: Silent Laughter

FNAF Bonnie x Reader: Silent Laughter

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semi-hiatus By LittleHeroes Completed

"Help me get her out of here..."

The moment she entered, she was in danger. (Y/N) has recently applied for the repair job at Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria, and it goes well. She reunites with old friends and bonds again with a certain lonely Pirate Fox. Everything is fine until he comes into the picture. He wants to take (Y/N) away from Bonnie, Chica, Freddy, Foxy and Gold. 

But that's the thing, they aren't letting go that easily.

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Rotten_Peach Rotten_Peach Oct 09, 2016
Was that imposter The FNAF fandom? Cuz hohoho that is some good sh¡t! (Not it's full of sh¡t)
KitKatTicTac104 KitKatTicTac104 Sep 03, 2016
Everyone is saying they are obsessed with Nutella. I hate it. I'M SORRY, BUT IT'S MY OPINION!
Zombiechick777 Zombiechick777 Oct 03, 2016
Plz no hate but,  I don't like nutella. I just don't like anything that's has nuts in it.  Except for peanut  butter
Dunnina1 Dunnina1 Oct 04, 2016
I don't like Nutella either or anything with chocolate or nuts. Sorry.
I love this book and im only at 33 words!!! XD
bill_cipher2006 bill_cipher2006 Nov 05, 2016
what's that? Is that something  you humans eat whatever 
                              XD NUTELLA!