FNAF Bonnie x Reader: Silent Laughter

FNAF Bonnie x Reader: Silent Laughter

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(థฺˇ౪ˇథ) By studiojin Completed

"Help me get her out of here..."

The moment she entered, she was in danger. (Y/N) has recently applied for the repair job at Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria, and it goes well. She reunites with old friends and bonds again with a certain lonely Pirate Fox. Everything is fine until he comes into the picture. He wants to take (Y/N) away from Bonnie, Chica, Freddy, Foxy and Gold. 

But that's the thing, they aren't letting go that easily.

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I LERV NUTELLA! And if that sounds wrong for some reason I don't know since I'm too innocent, then I LOVE NUTELLA!
Now we're stuck here to decay! Please let us in don't lock us away we're not what your thinking! We're poor little souls and we've lost all control!
the minute i saw "with a love for Nutella" i was yelling OMG DATS MEEEE
Sialoi Sialoi Jul 24
An imposter took our life away now where stuck her to decay. Please let us get in.
Confuse does Sam stand for Samual or Samantha ( I don't know )
- - May 03
Random Person: where's the Nutella?
                              Me: I ate it all :D
                              Person: RIP Nutella