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One mistake can make you open your eyes
One "friend" can make you see who you really are
One boy with a stutter that can steal your heart
"It's just h-hard t-t-to c-con-concentrate with you a-around," He admitted quietly.

I grinned, loosing all seriousness of this.
I stood behind him and leaned down next to his ear.

"Why? Do I make your heart race, just by being close?" I asked whispering in his ear. 

I walked slowly around him, trailing my finger up his arm and around to the other.

"Do I make you nervous when I touch you?" I asked with a small grin.

I stopped in front of him. I put my hands on either arm of the chair and leaned down, putting my face mere inches away from his.

"Do I make you breathless with just a simple kiss?" I asked lightly brushing my lips over his.

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Wondersome Wondersome Mar 28, 2017
Ahahaaaa, joke's on Stacy, he's probably having a grand time. This is how I spend nearly all my lunch breaks
oldmcdonaldhadanub oldmcdonaldhadanub Dec 21, 2017
                              Lol cant stop thinking about Skitzo
                              If you don’t understand what I’m talking about and you comment imma beatchuu up
dioscuri01 dioscuri01 Apr 11, 2017
I feel like this a lot.. angry at myself for not doing something right
Shortcake182 Shortcake182 May 18, 2017
That would be me but my school is stupid and doesn't allow you to be on your phone while you're in the cafeteria ☹️
dioscuri01 dioscuri01 Apr 11, 2017
Do people really act like this?? (I'm homeschooled, so I've never been properly bullied)
_Aquilae _Aquilae Dec 28, 2017
I feel like this everyday, for more than just one reason, one and another everyday, piling up to form a skyscraper...