Take Me to Neverland || OUAT

Take Me to Neverland || OUAT

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Katie P.N. By klp2151 Completed

To me, Peter Pan always seemed like he can get any girl's interest. After meeting him for the first time, I have decided that my fate didn't belong to him. 

Peter, untainted by my rejection, took it as a challenge. A game, if you prefer.

10 days for me to fall in love him which meant 10 days for him to prove himself to me.

If I didn't reveal any feelings towards him by then, I was granted access off the island. But if I caved in to him, I, Amber Hawthorne, would never leave Neverland ever again.

One problem, everyone knows that Peter Pan never fails.


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HannahTacoLady HannahTacoLady Nov 11, 2017
Ok first of all,
                              Felix laughing is unpossible. 
                              Second of all, 
                              Fùck you Pancake. 
                              Third of all, 
                              She looks like a seeker.
__The_Nobody__ __The_Nobody__ Oct 11, 2017
                              Arnav-Too bad you’re already in a foursome.
                              THAT’S IN YOUR HEAD BAKA!
                              Arnav-THE YOU BRENNEN DANIEL AND ALEX SHIP WILL NEVER DIE! 
                              What is my life?
AlishaGaweda AlishaGaweda Dec 20, 2017
She's not trying too hard for a girl that wants to win her side of the deal hahaha
Bellarkehappy Bellarkehappy Dec 23, 2017
I love this book so much but I lost it and found it again after like twenty minutes of looking
littlecellist littlecellist May 23, 2017
Wait didn't she say "stay in your side of the bed or else" but now she's laying on his chest
duhtroublemakers duhtroublemakers Dec 14, 2017
Starting from tonight, my window will open. Any hot peter pan, better come and take me away before the school start