One Hell of a Schoolboy {Cielois}

One Hell of a Schoolboy {Cielois}

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Nyello By hazelnoots Updated Sep 20, 2016

Enter Ciel Phantomhive. He's just your average wealthy, attractive boy, bored of switching between the same upscale British private schools. His butler, Sebastian, suggests a change for him: a move to the United States and a chance to go to a public school there. Ciel is only human, so naturally he'd want a change every now and then. At least, he used to be human...125 years ago...

You see, Ciel has grown terribly starved. He has one goal-- to make a contract with a student and get a quick meal. But then a certain blond from his past enters the equation. Only, if Ciel looks into those ice-blue eyes of his at just the right moment, they flash a very inhuman shade of pink.

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Art by: kittysophie on DeviantArt 
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phantomdork phantomdork Sep 09
Or after you've BECOME ONE.
                              Get it... cause Ciel's a demon...hehe...I'm practically a comedian. (Please do notice a touch of sarcasm I left there.)
Where is the weirdos who don't really fit in either so they create their own little groups??!?
Yaoi_Trash666 Yaoi_Trash666 Nov 25, 2016
I imagine hand gestures, like, waving his arms in circles like a sassy girl
everbluelynx everbluelynx Sep 13, 2016
Omg lol ...I think I'm a weirdo Bc I used to ship my teachers together secretly in 6-7th grade XDD
Toast_N_Bread Toast_N_Bread Nov 02, 2016
Incident report?
                              I wish those things existed in Sweden!
Yaoi_Trash666 Yaoi_Trash666 Nov 25, 2016
I have an offensive nickname for every teacher, except english teacher, cuz she's cool, and that she's already set a nickname for herself anyways so....