Admired to Desired (girlxgirl) (student/teacher)

Admired to Desired (girlxgirl) (student/teacher)

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greydiamonds By greydiamonds Updated Mar 29, 2016

Jennie Robinson: grumpy fifteen year old, with a slight addiction to sitcoms, drawing under the stars and green tea, and a boyfriend on the other side of 6"0.

Kaya Williams: 23 year old geography teacher, and a modern art, mystery book and Mexican food enthusiast, whose love life is quite nonexistent.

After an unfortunate meeting, Jennie and Kaya only have one thing in common, which is a mutual dislike of one another. However, things change when Jennie finds herself as the newest member of Kaya's tutor group, and the two form an unlikely bond.

Revelations, realisations and harsh harsh realities are uncovered as Jennie learns lessons in love, attraction, loss, and the powerlessness of not being able to tell the one you love about how you feel.

ColdDeCemberNiGht ColdDeCemberNiGht Mar 23, 2016
It was harvey for sure.. bad bad. Now kaya had to deal with it
- - Nov 17, 2015
Please carry on this is the only story ive found that i love and uve just stopped /:
lachanap lachanap Aug 22, 2015
so far so good I like that they are not starting on a good note....
CC7Pancakes CC7Pancakes Jun 24, 2015
Ugh that's so true, and also having no friends in classrooms that require groups
KingMeBossy KingMeBossy Jun 21, 2015
Hold up in confused .. So she 15 in the 11th grade in middle school ??? What state is this in ??
Purple-Candy Purple-Candy Mar 22, 2015
You left it like that and now your going to make me wait a hole week to find what the hell is going on??? That is so cruel!!! By the way, I love this story so far!