Make It To Me          Camila/You

Make It To Me Camila/You

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J By MCCANNSLIGHTER Updated Jul 29, 2016

Summary: you're a student, and the brightest in each one of your classes too! Which you yourself find pretty irrelevant due to the fact you come from a pretty messed up family and a rough past, so your main intentions are to finish school and get out of there, which shouldn't be hard since you don't  struggle with anything. Well there was one thing you couldn't quite pass, getting Camila Cabello, one of the most beautiful and popular girls in your school to fall for you.

supergirlislife supergirlislife Aug 01, 2016
For some reason I imagine the math teacher fat and ugly and leaning in his chair
allyssa2018 allyssa2018 Feb 18, 2016
by one or two hundred times I mean maybe a couple thousand times.
supergirlislife supergirlislife Aug 01, 2016
We had a teacher that would spit in our faces every time he would talk and we called him the sham moo and if you were sitting in the front you were in the slash zone
BigBadSofty07 BigBadSofty07 Nov 06, 2015
Well damn what a b!tch what happened to teachers saying "I'm here to help"
katkath_epkc katkath_epkc Jun 03, 2015
wait the person that has a crush on Camila is a GIRL!!!!!??????
africanversace africanversace Feb 05, 2015
I thought it just said she was in only a bra and underwear....