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marissa By marissa_7470 Updated Dec 02, 2015

Perico fanfiction. 
After a freak accident, Percy Jackson, wakes up remembering nothing. His "friends" keep telling him stuff that happened before the accident but he doesn't believe any of it. 
It's not until Nico di Angleo comes along.

This fanfiction does involve self harm and also some smut maybe ;)

this is also my first fan fiction so I'm sorry if it's badly written. :/

xYulia__ xYulia__ Sep 02
Lol I saw the title and I thought of you love I (( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) )
Everyones mad at annabeth and calling her "Slüt" and i'm just like
                              OU DEY A SAVAGEEEE
I am your family !!! I want to jump in this and make him smile !!!!!!!!
I don't understand. If you're going to cheat on him, when he leaves you don't get heart broken.
shinatina shinatina Nov 01
I was reading another percico fic and was gonna read the preview thing but then I saw the last update date. It was on my 17th b-day so imma read this instead!
AndiJackson AndiJackson Jun 11
Read my fanfic about the gods reading the lightning thief. It's not normal cause I rewrote it. There will be many differeces between the actual book and this fanfic