[discontinued] Daddy's Princess // Justin Bieber Fanfiction

[discontinued] Daddy's Princess // Justin Bieber Fanfiction

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“Good evening, gentlemen. Welcome to our very first caregiver auction, where we discover amazing playmates and bring them to you.”

Why am I here? How did I get here? Why would they bring me here? So many questions to ask, but no way to get answers, yet.

“Our last sponsor up is, Callie Anderson!”

Well, that's me. God, please don't let me down, save my soul.

“Sold, for an outrageous price of 10 million dollars from our dearest friend, Justin Bieber!”

Since when would I ever be would I ever be worth this much, to one I never acknowledged my presence towards.

“Hello Princess, I own you now. I can’t wait to try you out when we get to your new home.”

I guess I'm daddy's princess now.


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kenzi_mannn kenzi_mannn Aug 04, 2015
Uve always been my daddy u dont gotta tell me 2 or even 1 <3
- - Apr 30, 2015
what if he is only 4 inches in real life? #hugedisappointment