Adopted by Pierce The Veil

Adopted by Pierce The Veil

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Angie By _miwlove_ Completed

"'s your last day huh?"

"Yeah is"

Andrew"Blade"Thompson has been my best friend for the past seventeen years that I've been here,actually when I was just a month old my mom left me at this place and he got here a month before me so I guess since we've been able to talk we've been through everything together. 

"When are your new parents gonna be here?"

"Well Maggie said in like a hour"

Maggie or Mother Margaret as she's formally known as,has been taking care of me since I was brought here.She was like a mother figure for both of us and she only accepted Blade and I for being the only Atheist kids or people in the entire building.

"Well...please don't ever forget me Angie...please"

"Blade...what makes you think that?"

Once I finish packing everything that I own,which isn't much,I turn to him and sit next to him on the bed.

"Our parents did that...I mean if they wanted us they would've come back for us"

"Blade I know okay but look how far we've come....

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I thought she didn't like her full name 
I love this song but u can't really sing it softly but whatever
the_unicorn_llama the_unicorn_llama Jul 21, 2016
Even tho i speak Spanish and in latina. It took a long time to realize that i kept on pronouncing Jamie's last name wrong
AnotherInsaneCupcake AnotherInsaneCupcake Jun 07, 2016
I sang that in school and my teacher was like : stop singing that stalkerish song
HawaiiOtto HawaiiOtto Jun 23, 2016
I have a black pierce the veil phone case with Galaxy colours with loads of lyric fanart on them