My Wolf Is The Moon

My Wolf Is The Moon

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Once upon a time, there was a little girl. A werewolf, daughter of the two powerful Alphas in her pack. She was abused, neglected, and hated by all. What no one knew, she shifted when she was three. Her wolf, a beautiful rarity. Half black, like the night sky. A bright green eye glowing with strength. Half white, with a deep blue eye, glowing with speed. Light and Dark, a symbol of a weapon. She's the Daughter of the Moon.

A weapon of war.

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I love her wolf, she isn't like all those other wolfs that are just "ohmigoooshshhH" this wolf is wise and amazing
Just looked at the cost members; seem to be the best their is * lol *
I first read his name as Erza. I'm really obsessed with Fairy Tail
Why does she lie?  If she told them her life would be easier, and there is no consequence...
What is her name i dont recall someone calling her name pls answer me
Even if you say her name I'm calling her little one. Its stuck now. Love it, not use to having so much naps/sleep but I love this