3 little words | dramione [1-2]

3 little words | dramione [1-2]

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❝come on, spiderman❞ By mxrvelous- Completed

Hermione Granger. Mudblood. Gryffindor.

Draco Malfoy. Pureblood. Slytherin.

Two opposites, but with a little exploring, and a hint of magic, they aren't as different as they think.

(Includes the sequel, Second Chances.)

[post-wizarding war ii]

mxrvelous- © 2014

maliafoy maliafoy Sep 12
i just came from another dramione fic where ron didn't return, but it was a shitty one, so i was really confused ahaha
You will soon learn to love her ❤. The stories that start like this are ALWAYS the best. 😢💚❤
maliafoy maliafoy Sep 12
legit the first fic i've seen where ginny understands draco's situation and doesn't go crazy
Yes, that dirty old g*t that you where going to converse with Draco darling