3 little words | dramione [1-2]

3 little words | dramione [1-2]

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❝come on, spiderman❞ By mxrvelous- Completed

Hermione Granger. Mudblood. Gryffindor.

Draco Malfoy. Pureblood. Slytherin.

Two opposites, but with a little exploring, and a hint of magic, they aren't as different as they think.

(Includes the sequel, Second Chances.)

[post-wizarding war ii]

mxrvelous- © 2014

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'Cause Draco is a nightmare dressed like a daydream. 🎶😂
i just came from another dramione fic where ron didn't return, but it was a shitty one, so i was really confused ahaha
legit the first fic i've seen where ginny understands draco's situation and doesn't go crazy
My fellow Dramione shippers, this is what we are supposed to feel. Things escalate quickly when it involves Draco and Hermione. 😂❤️
I already feel like this is a dream, come on the font is italics, they are always dreams or nightmares.
i want my crush to do this to me when we bump into each other but instead he just laughs and after about an hour of him laughing he finally asks if i'm ok