Gang Girl: Book 1 **REWRITING**

Gang Girl: Book 1 **REWRITING**

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Ashley Palmer. She's your stereotypical nerd, loner, mute. But she hasn't always been this way.

She used to be in a gang. 'Stellar Rippers' to be exact but she left in order to keep her family safe. So what happens when the gang somehow show up and ask for her help. She has no choice but to help them find Davina McWilliams, a kidnapped member.

But how long can she stay away from this gang until trouble is caused? How long until she realises she needs the gang in order to keep her family safe?

Her name is Ashley Palmer. She's not a nerd, loner or mute. She a strong, fighting, Gang Girl.
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First time seeing someone spell that name with a s normally it's a c.
Sakhli Sakhli Dec 31, 2016
how did nobody around see or notice a stabbed criminal on the dance floor-
xoxoShxnti xoxoShxnti Apr 16, 2016
I like this book already but it really needs a grammar check
snickerdoodlexx snickerdoodlexx Feb 05, 2016
No one here can take a joke we know it's 19 were just saying 21 for obvious reasona
erleen123 erleen123 Oct 02, 2016
Wow so she gets the mute title and just happens to start talking 1minute within the beginning of the book
xDarhlingx xDarhlingx Jan 07
Oh I don't even need the video to know how the scene goes! I love TVD so much