A Fighter's Love

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Khushali By AddictedToReading97 Updated a year ago
Camille Germaine is obnoxious, rebellious, and loves to break the law. But when her mom decides she can't handle her behavior anymore, Camille is shipped off to reformatory school. Or so her mom thinks. She's actually been recruited into a top-secret, elite government academy where teenagers are trained to seek out criminals. To make matters worse, her sexy trainer seems to hate her and she can't figure out why. Camille can't afford to be distracted, not now when she has to give it all she's got, but she can't help but be fascinated by the brooding, mysterious Dimitri and all the secrets he hides.
@khushali97 I can't actually remember the reason I asked you that 
                                    never mind then :)
Have u read a surreptitious relationship 
                                    by XxSkater2girl16xX?
shes in a boarding school that all the peep there is part of a gang
Ermm, a foster home?? Or some place where she got kidnapped.......?