What happened to you?

What happened to you?

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Abby By Mellarella Updated Jul 10, 2011

This story following the struggles of sixteen-year old October, living in the shadow of her missing mother and in the iron grip of her abusive, sexually-violating step-father. Whilst trying to stop her happy-go-lucky best friend from finding out about her hard life, Toby also has to defend herself from her own personality; her saviour could become her new captor, or her captor her new saviour. It's all up to the person Toby sees looking back at her in the mirror. How will she cope with fleeing domestic abuse?


"WOW!!  I don’t think I have read anything more emotionally powerful (on this site) then this story.  Readers can’t really relate when a story is about vampires or other mystical creatures, but you can when a story has a real basis behind it.  Even a powerful one, such as this story does.  When the main character was scared, I found my nerves strung tight.  When she was sad, I wanted to cry.  That is the mark of one genuinely good author.  This story was written so well, I felt like I was reading one of the many novels I own that have already been edited and published.  I hardly ever make comments on the actual story pages, but I found myself wanting to be one of the many people saying… “Upload, Upload, Upload” Well Done! *****" - GIGS782, five stars

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supernaturalmom supernaturalmom Jul 11, 2011
That was a really powerful first chapter. I couldn't stop reading for even a minute.
                              peace out
BloodBtweenMyFingers BloodBtweenMyFingers Nov 14, 2010
I know this sounds girly and I don't usually say this but: OMG that guy was disgusting. So descriptive in a both amazing and horrible way at the same time.
BloodBtweenMyFingers BloodBtweenMyFingers Nov 14, 2010
Here's another vote! I wish we were allowed to vote more than once. It's a really well written story and has a good start :)
marilynjacksonO marilynjacksonO Sep 17, 2010
here's one vote!  no seriously, great start.
                              could you read and vote mine, it's pretty funny, it's about cinderella being a gold digger, so come and check it out.
Mellarella Mellarella Sep 17, 2010
Lost my 3 comments, 750 reads, and 10 votes when this was deleted D:
                              Help me get it back, please!!! xxxx