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Red eyes and Claws

Red eyes and Claws

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Chocolate XoXo By yuanegeri Updated Feb 05

At a young age Naruto talks to the kyuubi and feels that he wants to become powerful and they make something work that may out rival many ninja.   Well something as in making Naruto become a killer and an assassin. But assassins are powerful and strong. And killers are even more powerful and strong. Read as Naruto wants to become stronger and surprises the hokage as he becomes his right hand assassin and killer. He is known as many names and he knows that he likes his killings to be quick and silent. Of course how wouldn't you be beaten by him a man as deadly as the kyuubi no kitsune as in the world has lost its balance as the next assassin killer arrives from the depths of hell.

Zelxta Zelxta Aug 26, 2016
Oshiete... OSHIETE!!! *sees white hair* OSHIETE!!! KANEKI IS COMING!
yellowsquash yellowsquash Oct 09, 2016
why in the world would it say "plz" in a wanted poster
TheMostTrashOfTrash TheMostTrashOfTrash Jun 24, 2016
My baby is so cool!! I would love to kill people but, you know I'm dead so, I can't...
JudgementOfTheKit JudgementOfTheKit Jun 19, 2016
I know his taijutsu and ninjutsu styles and favorite food and weaknesses. The taijutsu is above KAGE level and ninjutsu is all elements favorite food is ramen and weakness is getting kicked in the balls.
NarutoxHinata69 NarutoxHinata69 Mar 11, 2016
12 years old his name is Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze. He is the host of Kurama, the nine talked Fox.
mysteryanimelover mysteryanimelover Aug 04, 2016
Duuuuuude....NARU-CHAN  IS BADASS 
                              naruto:*throws 8 shuriken at me* DON'T CALL ME NARU-CHAN
                              Me:*dodges shurikens gracefully* LIKE I SAID BADASS XD