Rogans Devotion

Rogans Devotion

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Ava Mitchell. The girl most people never notice her plain brown hair and brown eyes, her skinny jeans and band t-shirts she blends in to any and every crowd in her small town of Ashland(Oregan). With a crazy and over dramatic personality, the people who did notice her never took a liking. 

But with the start of senior year comes ultimate changes

Rogan James.

The leader of the elites one of the riches and most dangerous clans in the world at only 18.

He owns America.

Hes takeing a trip around America looking for a girl, a girl he will want to spend the rest of his life with to follow the elites tradition. The leader of every gang needs an old lady to care for and help keep the clan in order. taking his 4 close clan members and best friends he starts new schools rents new houses but never  finds anyone to spike his interest until stop number 7 in Ashland oregan he meets the crazy ava Mitchell. Shes perfect strong, beautiful, intelligent. Hes chosen but will she except.

  • action
  • ava
  • badboy
  • clan
  • danger
  • drama
  • fights
  • friends
  • gangleader
  • guns
  • gắng
  • humor
  • kidnapp
  • leader
  • possesive
  • rich
  • rogan
  • romance
  • tattoos
  • teenfiction
lord_of_the_skittles lord_of_the_skittles Oct 22, 2016
¡¡¡AHAhHHaHAHhaaaahhhAHHaH!!!!! My 7th grade English teacher was called Mrs. Murphy, I swear she hated me.....b!tch
TaintedandMarked TaintedandMarked Oct 26, 2016
Close its 5:07 and school doesn't start till 7:55, I've decided not to sleep wattpad is more important
Belle62 Belle62 Oct 29, 2015
I like the idea of the story, but the spelling and grammar mistakes are pretty irritating.
ginger103 ginger103 Oct 21, 2015
Just thought that you should know that it is spelt Oregon, there is no a in it.
Montana2013 Montana2013 Aug 16, 2015
Starting out as a good read, looking forward to reading the rest.
                              Hugs, Rayne