My Nerdy Girl | Jungkook✔

My Nerdy Girl | Jungkook✔

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SayH By JungKook_Good Completed

Lee Ji Eun is a nerd, but not completely nerd. She just wear big black glasses.She's a Top A's student. But when she's outside of school, she's completely different person. She is no longer wearing glasses. Her outfits different. She's rich but her appearance said otherwise. That's why people always look down on her. She wear like that because she hates attention people will give her and people who is fake.

Jeon Jungkook who likes to bully Jieun without limits, but deep in his heart, he likes Jieun. He has felt this feeling when he met a girl in the airport. And the girl is Jieun. He's found Jieun's secret and threat her. 

Will Jieun likes Jungkook ?
Will Jungkook confess and no longer bully her ?
Or will Jungkook reveal Jieun's secret ?

The story is unedited. 

[WARNING !] : My grammar sucks. Don't read if you had problems with it. My English is not good and I always make mistakes. So please be ready . And please enjoy it !

P.s a messy storyline.

Please don't copyright, all my ideas belong to me.

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SeventeenTrashXD SeventeenTrashXD 18 hours ago
I don’t believe in that sh*t but I’ll just keep on reading😊
TobeyLori TobeyLori Oct 17
Uh...You just met!MET!MET!!and now your telling a girl you like her BUT YOU JUST MET!!HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE???!!!YOU JUST FREAKING METTT!!
                              *being eomma Jin*
Hey! Im listening to Butterfly by u BTS, and now its Jungkook'd voice...Wow...Fate...It fits...Wow-uh bye
xobbgdre xobbgdre Oct 11
Jungkook: Its not like im gonna fall in love at first sight mom :) *bumps into a girl* MARRY MEEE
My my.......I thought.😑😔
                              What ruined your expectations?
btsfanfs btsfanfs Oct 12
iu? aww i love this ship jungkook has a huge crush on her right?