Forever His

Forever His

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livefree55 By livefree55 Updated May 02, 2015

"when are you going to stop running Seraphina!?" Zander shouts at me i look up at him he is pissed I'm  trying his patience but i could care less he is to controlling and i am not some who will just willingly be told what to do."Never Zander! you are a loathsome monster and i cant belive your my mate!" i shout back at him with venom dripping off every word "YOU WILL NOT TALK TO ME LIKE THAT I AM YOUR MATE!!" he yells while making his way over to me "TRUST ME IF I HAD A CHOICE YOU WOULD NOT BE MY MATE!" I scream at him. he stops right infront of me a few inches away from my face "I will never stop running from you." i tell him "well good thing i like the chase then huh love?" 
 Blood Warrior pack are the most feared everywhere but everyone is in fear because of Zander he is the Alpha he is controlling, aggressive & dominant so what happens when he takes Seraphina back to Ireland with him? Will she be able to get away, or will she be stuck with him forever. 

*read to find out!*


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