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American horror story imagines and one shots

American horror story imagines and one shots

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WizardOfLoneliness By WizardOfLoneliness Updated May 03, 2016

Imagines and one shots about any season or character from American horror story. No smut! Submit requests through comments or just message me.
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MuchAngstVeryTeen MuchAngstVeryTeen May 28, 2016
Season 2 of ahs was pretty much 'my name is bloody face and I don't care what you think.'
ererialways ererialways Oct 02, 2016
I don't mean to be a Grammar Nazi, but it's kinda bugging me that this is all on long paragraph. You're supposed to start a new paragraph when a different person is talking.
MaloneHanson MaloneHanson Aug 06, 2016
Lol probs because he likes to murder people and bathe in their blood, just spit balling here
exe_Elliot_Alderson exe_Elliot_Alderson Dec 11, 2015
IS THAT A KILL YOUR DARLINGS QUOTE??? "Finally, an oasis in this waste land". I'm pretty sure that is Lucien Carr
hwasahwasa hwasahwasa Aug 01, 2015
do you see me licking his picture idc im obssesed with him icdcidcidcidcidcidcidc
xoxoScarlett xoxoScarlett Jan 22, 2015
can I get one? Scarlett and Jimmy, and she's like having his baby?