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S. A. Cross By Hendrixx Updated Oct 31

There was once a time when monster's stayed in the dark, and humans continued to go about their blissful lives in ignorance, but those days are gone. Creatures only thought of in fairy-tales refuse to stay in the shadows and let the humans control their world any longer. A war unlike any other is raging across the globe, and all Delta Hart can do is watch, and pray.

Delta, separated from her family whilst trying to evacuate Seattle with thousands of other innocent humans, is caught and hauled into a bus with other captives. She knows deep down in her heart that this could be the last time she may ever see her family again. Taken to a holding facility by a sadistic vampire, Delta is thrown into an automated cell. As the door slams closed, she realises just how bad her situation is when she comes to find they have  thrown her into the lion's den.  

She is trapped in a room with a hungry vampire, and having been starved for weeks, it's only a matter of time before he finds her blood too tempting to ignore.

Delta has two choices: Survive in damnation with a monster - or pay the consequences for the mistakes of the entire human race.

Unedited Version.

  • action
  • adultthemes
  • drama
  • faeries
  • fantasy
  • human
  • magic
  • romance
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  • violence
ChronicGlobetrotter ChronicGlobetrotter Jan 31, 2016
Love the song--Sterling is a genius. I also loved the start of this story. Thanks for sharing your work!
SuperSamii786 SuperSamii786 Mar 05, 2016
Oh yes! Beautiful writing and the song compliments it well. Bravo! ♥
TheVillainsGirl TheVillainsGirl Jan 02, 2016
I haven't started reading yet but may I say, I'm super excited for this book and I can't wait any longer to start reading so....
JasleenKaur330 JasleenKaur330 Nov 28, 2015
If they have tried to take my family away..I swear to god..I would be a freaking ninja..▪_▪
JenniferAnnLewis JenniferAnnLewis Nov 07, 2015
Wow, this is some good stuff. Like an adrenaline rush. You made us feel the pain of her family, and I kept hoping they wouldn't get taken away. I'm like the main character and the story is super good so far.
gracesteffe gracesteffe Apr 08, 2015
when I first seen your cover and the title I said that looks good 
                              and it is you are a good writer