Secret Sister (Diabolik Lovers Fanfiction)

Secret Sister (Diabolik Lovers Fanfiction)

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Hαяℓєу Qυιηη • Cяαzє∂ Cℓσωη By LilPastelMonster Updated Dec 21, 2015

Name:Violet Komori

Real Name:Violet Osama

Age:16 year old (Mortal age)


Violet has her hair constantly in a high cute ponytail as her hair is natural very light pink as her eyes are dull grey with purple outlining the bottom lid.She wears a white button up shirt under a loose v neck white shirt a ribbon is tied lazily around her neck she also wears a over sized basketball jacket with a skirt that goes inches above her knees.Nicknamed mostly"Godess"by others.


Half Fallen Death Angel , Half Demon (Explained below)

Fallen Death Angel:A being represented bodily as a beautiful mortal either gender can cast death anywhere also has known to hold  two different usefull abilities other fallen death angel can see each other by a shadow behind them resembling death in their eyes.


Violet is a strong , sneaky girl(opposite to Yui) she is also polite to others making others show empathy distracted by the innocent mask she wears deaths happen alot around Violet ...

  • action
  • comedy
  • horror
  • mystery
  • romance
Sai-Nebulas Sai-Nebulas Nov 09, 2017
Um... no offense, but this character sounds like a Mary Sue. I'm not hating, just putting it out there.
Aliciatilly1 Aliciatilly1 Apr 17, 2017
That's. telekinesis not telepathy as that means to read minds
XxGeek-GodxX XxGeek-GodxX Jan 08, 2017
So. They would call her Osama since its a japanese anime and they name a stranger by they last name. (Well. Not for Yui...but...)
xXStellarSoraXx xXStellarSoraXx Jul 06, 2016
Ne don't you mean Telekinesis? Telepathy means reading people's minds
uwuwhatsthis uwuwhatsthis Aug 02, 2016
Osama. She must be good at hide and seek.
                              (I need to stop.)
mostnights mostnights Mar 23, 2016
Umm I think its "telekinesis" and not telepathy. Telepathy is to communicate using their minds, or mentally.