I Don't Eat CupCakes (wattys2015)

I Don't Eat CupCakes (wattys2015)

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***I Don't Eat Cupcakes***

"Cupcake?" I eyed the sugary snack and willed myself not to stuff the whole thing in my mouth. 

"No thanks. I'm not hungry." Lie 

"I ate before I got here." Lie 

"So I'm pretty full." In case you haven't guessed it yet that was also a big. fat. lie.

Now why would I not want to eat a perfectly frosted chocolate cupcake with rainbow sprinkles? I mean, who in their right mind would do that? It's a chocolate cupcake! But I'm not in my right mind, I don't even know where my mind is anymore, all I have is a voice in my head saying-never mind. I'll just get straight to the point and tell you who I am. 

Hi. I'm, Diane Coleman and I'm anorexic.

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soccerjess11 soccerjess11 Jul 18, 2017
What the even fudge ? My boyfriend is always on my case when I don't eat because I used to be anorexic
rosefai16 rosefai16 Jun 22, 2017
Reading this part made me think of my name is (insert disney star) and your watching disney channel
Sarah-Smiling Sarah-Smiling Jul 19, 2017
My ex used to make me hit myself and he would use me more that week if I didn't lose at least .5lbs each week.
Vjackson24 Vjackson24 Dec 16, 2017
Bish if he encourages u to starve/kill yourself then he is the WORST boyfriend
I'm laughing so hard because of nose hole. I'm sorry. I am anorexic, but I'm getting better. I still throw up anytime I come near anything sweet or super fattening. I'm getting better though. 😊
0xoutcastx0 0xoutcastx0 May 01
Ladies please don’t lose weight for guys, I’ve done that so many times and it is absolute hełl and pointless.