Only the Good Die Young

Only the Good Die Young

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douglas_trueman By douglas_trueman Updated Feb 10, 2015

***Only the Good Die Young is a finalist in the 2015 Next Generation Indie Book Awards Young Adult Category!***

A sharp drama that never loses sight of the humor in life, Only the Good Die Young tells of a teenaged girl's first romance that goes horribly wrong. Set to the music and lyrics of rock and roll, the love triangle in this dark comedy has kept readers turning pages well past their bed time. 

Rebecca Lockhart moved to Vancouver to start a new life. What she found felt more like the end. 

Raised with Victorian values and classically trained as a pianist, seventeen-year-old Rebecca takes solace in the prose of Jane Austen and the music of Debussy. But when a virtuoso guitar player exposes her to the free spirit of rock and roll, Rebecca's outlook on the world begins to change. She dares to take risks her old self couldn't imagine. 

Hallway rumors of her new behavior reach the high school office, and Rebecca comes face-to-face with the vice-principal - Catherine Lockhart, her mother. Desperate to remain in mom's good graces, she lies. Before she can blink, Rebecca is caught in a web of deceit that envelops her entire life. If she reveals the truth, she and her mother will have to face an unspeakable secret from their past. If she doesn't, a fellow student could be sentenced to prison. 

Only the Good Die Young is a coming-of-age story for the teenager in all of us, laced with the dry, deadpan humor of a shy girl struggling to find her way.

needyourheart needyourheart May 29, 2015
I'm so excited to read this! :) If anyone wants to add a story to their summer reading list, add & read my story '365 Days'.
tay_ST tay_ST May 03, 2015
what the f.uck I never thought anything could start like that get me hooked that fast. this is going to be one hell of a book