And a Pinch of Love (a Dan Howell x Reader Fanfiction)

And a Pinch of Love (a Dan Howell x Reader Fanfiction)

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daniel howell x reader


So much of this fucking story is a mess, I apologize. It was my first fic, written when I was TWELVE, and it's so cringe worthy. I haven't bothered to edit or change anything, just for the fact that it's so terrible, I don't know where to begin. But it kinda shows how far I've gotten, so I'm okay with it. Bye! (Edited description on 11 July 2016) (started in mid 2014)

once a boy accidentally elbowed my boob and looked at me and said "oh I'm sorry" and I was too awkward to even speak and ran off wHAT IS MY LIFE
DotDancer DotDancer Nov 09
According to my friend Riley I'm a banana I can handler my self.
brendonsslut brendonsslut 7 days ago
I've never been on a plane and never will. It's my biggest fear
SHblood SHblood Nov 19
I don't trust planes especially after watching Shane's video about them
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puellamagi123 puellamagi123 3 days ago
Although at heart im a child and inside im screaming "i want my mommy!!!"
                              I have really bad seperation anxiety okay?!?! I had to live in what is a sugar coated mental hospital (they say it isnt but it isnt that much better than one.) For three months!! Away from home... in misery....