Another World (Fairy Tail X Naruto crossover)

Another World (Fairy Tail X Naruto crossover)

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Arkfighter By Arkfighter Updated Nov 03, 2015

Demon Speaking

Demon Thinking 

"Human speaking"

Human thinking/flashback 




Third person POV:

"It's over Kaguya!" Naruto and Sasuke yelled as they resealed Kaguya using the Yin-Yang sealing method.

Kaguya POV:

"Not yet!" she cried as the seal began to seal her up. Using the last of her chakra, she managed to rip a hole in space and

time and throw Naruto through it. At least I got my revenge, were her last thoughts before the seal consumed her and the darkness overtook.

Naruto POV:

"Hell Yeah! We won! Ttebayo!" Naruto shouted out and began to do a victory dance. Suddenly a large swirly vortex thing materialised beside him and felt gravitational force push him in. The last thing that he remembered was Kaguya's evil grinning face and Sasuke shouting out his name before he everything went black and he lost conscious. 

Naruto woke up in the woods. He instantly shot up. Kaguya had ...

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Katarinaseib Katarinaseib Jul 02, 2017
I think Kami is one of us. One of the insane girls/boys with an unholy obsession with fictional realms. I think Kami is a FANGIRL!
celestia_waterson celestia_waterson Nov 14, 2017
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Really??!!!! Muahahahaaha😁😑😴😘😌👌😑😑❤❤
GIVE ME YOUR LIFE. I’d never have to do school if I could sleep for three years. 😭😭not fair.
Denice88 Denice88 Nov 09, 2017
I thought it was good and it's not like you made Naruto a good in this but took his ability into account.