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Forever With You (Italy x Reader x Romano)

Forever With You (Italy x Reader x Romano)

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Cute Potato By CutiePotato1321 Completed

Run.  Dont turn back.  Just keep running.  Nothing could happen worse then what happened before.  You didnt do anything to deserve some of the things you were put through, but it didnt seem to matter... Because you lost everything.  You lost your family, your home, and everything you owned.  

Your home had burned down, and the only family who survived had been your mother, who got diagnosed with cancer shortly after.. you had nothing left after your mother left... or atleast, thats what you thought.  You were taken in by a man named Ludwig, who treated you as a sister.  You were loved by all the people you met while staying with Germany, but you specifically caught the eyes of two Italian brothers.

WARNING: Bad Language, Blood, Awesomeness, and a Lemon in later chapters (maybe)

DISCLAIMER:  I do not own Hetalia, nor do I really own you, but I do own this story.

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No if a stranger come up to you in an ally and asks if you want to stay with them..... I shouldn't even have to explain why you should say no. A random man walking alone in the middle of the night down an alley should set off red flags anyway. 🚩🚩🚩🚩
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