Percy Jackson: Assassin God Of Olympus

Percy Jackson: Assassin God Of Olympus

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JT By Wolfsson Updated May 24

His friends betrayed him.

His family are dead.

His name is forgotten.

He is no longer Perseus Jackson, or Percy to his friends.

He is now Traitos, Assassin god of Olympus, god  of swords, time, earth, hurricanes, loyalty, betrayed people, war, heroes, pain, nightmares, monsters, promises, lost causes, choice, ancient laws, and Keeper of the five rivers of the Underworld and Tartaurus among other things. 

Soon he will have a new title.

Guardian of the Hunt.

He is not happy about this prospect.


"My daddy killed my mother and abused me" 
                              Percy: "poof. All everyone is alive now cause I'm an OP muthertrucker.
fangirlgem fangirlgem Apr 27
Why is it always Percy's half brother kissing annabeth in fanfictions?
*skips all of it because it's too many words for me to remember anyways*
As I read fan fiction, I found myself listening to Tear in My Heart by Twenty Øne Piløts. I smirked at this, I don't actually know why.
Wow this is pretty good. And Percy is really powerful, but I like a really powerful Percy so...yay
Fallen4Q Fallen4Q May 02
WOW, almost every comment asked about the missile