Jimin's Imagine

Jimin's Imagine

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KNJ By bangtan_fangirl_ Completed

You were busy browsing the net when you came across a site that is full of stories about the reader and bangtan. Some of them sweet but most managed to turn your face red. 

"What are you doing, Jagi?" You heard your boyfriend's voice behind you. Before you could close the browser, you heard Jimin chuckled softly. 

"Found that, eh?" He said. 

"You know this?" You asked, eyed wide.

 "Sure. That's where I get my ideas from." He replied, not taking his eyes off the screen. 

"Hmp.", you said, "Somehow, I'm jealous of your fans. They get to read this and can think of being with you, going out on sweet dates and doing uhm... er... not so sweet stuffs while we barely manage to get out and have fun."

 "Don't be." Jimin said, closing your laptop with a mischievous grin. "They can only think of being with me but only you can experience it firsthand."

 He winked then suddenly carried you bridal style. "Now, shall we go and test that one imagine I read?" ~end

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24h336 24h336 May 16, 2016
Am crying ...
                              My Oppa is RapMon, Y AM I READING JIMIN IMAGINES?! AND CRYING!
dyanafaizal dyanafaizal Jan 02, 2016
Jimin read smut 😂i guess..hhahhaha whats wrong with my mind...
Jeonbun Jeonbun Apr 17, 2015
TBH I thought Jimin would come back with a present and say, "JK SURPRISE HAPPY BIRTHDAY" my hopes were so high ¦0
Jeonbun Jeonbun Apr 17, 2015
This was the only imagine that was labeled "sad" that actually made me sad so far T.T
jazzy_michelle jazzy_michelle Apr 16, 2015
does this have a part 2? By the way good job with the stories ;)