Naruto's New Mom?!

Naruto's New Mom?!

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Sometimes I wonder where I'm actually from. The third Hokage took me in when I was very young and named me Yume. As I grew up, I was trained to be a Kunoichi of his village, but I never entered the Academy. People aren't exactly that excepting of outsiders.

I made the most of my concealed life until the nine tailed fox attacked. I witnessed the sealing of the beast that took the lives of two people I thought of as very precious to me. The demon fox now resides within a boy I knew even before he was born. He is the last thing I have to remember them by and I refuse to lose him.

What would happen if the Hokage agreed to let me raise the child of prophecy? What happens when I also decide to adopt a certain Uchiha massacre survivor? 

Well we were perfectly fine if you ask me, but this damn Scarecrow jumps into my life and starts to mess with my head! I can't stand him, but why do I hate the thought of losing him?

A Kakashi Love Story

Cover by Epic_PrincessD

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Yes, she is sick, ITACHI is taking care of her, don't worry,😊 
                              He's also taking care of his father as well, so they'll have a good time up there. :')
dorienmons dorienmons Oct 21
I was going to say: "Your grammar is neglected." Cuz of the series name. Then I found out the grammar was actually quite good and it had a nice intro and it was a kakashi love story so here I am
Welp at least Naruto wouldn't care as much to ask her why and how she got preggers at 13 (or maybe 12 cause of the 9 month thing)......riighhhttttt???? ╮(╯▽╰)╭
well it looks like we found the top and bottom of the couple if it was boyxboy
Ahhhhh they were all cute kids! It's so weird, Naruto having a normal life.
reader25000 reader25000 Aug 15
Lol me when I'm a mom. I be like KILL ALL THESE BITCHES!!!!!!!!!!!