Naruto's New Mom?!

Naruto's New Mom?!

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Sometimes I wonder where I'm actually from. The third Hokage took me in when I was very young and named me Yume. As I grew up, I was trained to be a Kunoichi of his village, but I never entered the Academy. People aren't exactly that excepting of outsiders.

I made the most of my concealed life until the nine tailed fox attacked. I witnessed the sealing of the beast that took the lives of two people I thought of as very precious to me. The demon fox now resides within a boy I knew even before he was born. He is the last thing I have to remember them by and I refuse to lose him.

What would happen if the Hokage agreed to let me raise the child of prophecy? What happens when I also decide to adopt a certain Uchiha massacre survivor? 

Well we were perfectly fine if you ask me, but this damn Scarecrow jumps into my life and starts to mess with my head! I can't stand him, but why do I hate the thought of losing him?

A Kakashi Love Story

Cover by Epic_PrincessD

1st Place Naruto Watty Awards Winner 2014
Category: Kakashi Hatake

1st Place Naruto Watty Awards Winner 2016
Category: Kakashi Hatake

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She's like my mom 😅😊 
                              PS love ya Mom! Even if you hit me with a sandal when I do some stupid things 😅hehe
She's not asking that... she's asking 'why would a young girl have a baby, YOU TOO YOUNG HUN WHY YOU LET DIS HAPPEN TO YA!?!'
When he said that I questioned "wait I thought you hated him"
                              But then I realised it didnt happen yet and I feel so sad now!!!
- - May 15
That was not the question but whatever gurl. Whatever. \(>~<)/
I'm so ready for the moment Itachi murders everyone it's so badass. Sauske gonna be so shook tho lol
Oh no. So that's how he started to like sakura.... someone stop them from seeing sakura trees!!!😱😱😱