My Bad Alpha Mate (Book #1)

My Bad Alpha Mate (Book #1)

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Elisabeth By 2ChangeElisa Completed

An impulsive idea. 

A trip into the woods. 

Sneaking across pack borders.

Lola Evergreen thought this was innocent fun. Secretly following her father and his men to the legendary Blackwood pack, to see if the future alpha lived up to all the stories.

Keaton Thunders.

Future alpha of the Blackwood pack. Powerful, stunning, and deadly. Is set to be the most powerful alpha in America.  

And he's her mate.....

(MATURE CONTENT, You know the drill)

Cover Artist: @shadow_girl16

Editor: @Anastasia_Mikaelson

Copyright © 2015 by 2ChangeElisa
All rights reserved. This book or any portion thereof
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mysterywolfdragon mysterywolfdragon Mar 30, 2016
How do you do that, like does it take a lot of work to do that?
FaultInOurMAGCON FaultInOurMAGCON Dec 18, 2016
the only reason i clicked on this story is because cameron dallas is on the front.
VanessaSanchez856 VanessaSanchez856 Jul 27, 2016
Bruh is ur dad a cop or something like how do you know all of this
Sweeti3SC Sweeti3SC Jan 17
What if I'm not even from the U.S not saying I want to copy your book but I'm Canadian
EndlessAmy EndlessAmy Mar 15, 2016
Honestly what a great thing to do! I'd do the same thing so Jo one could steal my work you go Glenn coco
Parriex1D Parriex1D Dec 24, 2015
How do you register your book with the copyright office? Curious for my book.