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Stolen Rose // Naruto Fanfiction

Stolen Rose // Naruto Fanfiction

54.4K Reads 2.5K Votes 19 Part Story
Nik By dolefuI Completed

  Ayame was a lost child, one who had no place left in the cold world. When she was found, she was close to dying. Her bones were showing, and she was as weak as a feather. That didn't stop her from trying to run, which only made matters worse. 
  Now she's awoke in Konoha hospital, and only wants to escape. She doesn't want to be fed, or be treated. She wants to stay the same. 
  Finally, she gives in, and is let loose in the big village of Konoha. She's assigned to live with Kurenai, and is instantly placed on a team after they make sure she is fit enough to be a ninja. 
  Can Konoha handle this pesky trouble-maker? I think it's more like, can Ayame handle Konoha?
  [cover by; aciddaisies_ ]

QuietlyMomoko QuietlyMomoko Jul 09, 2016
Oreochimaru you pedo just go and die and don't you dare to reborn.
Kitcc14 Kitcc14 Dec 30, 2016
So after two weeks of no 'daily' bread, she only THEN got suspicious? (Sorry, I had very little sleep so I'm a bit cranky)
Crying_Burning_Liar Crying_Burning_Liar Apr 27, 2016
What do you mean by 'sat hurled in the corner of the room' shouldn't it be 'sat huddled in the corner of the room'? Just wanted to know (first paragraph, first line)
NekoMadHatter NekoMadHatter Jul 26, 2016
I could say the same to you, Kaka-Baka. 
                              **Walks with with sunglasses on, explosions in the background, and epic music**
C00lF0xgirl C00lF0xgirl Nov 23, 2016
Orochipedo.........CONFIRMED!!! *Cue dramatic look over the shoulder*
juubantai juubantai Jan 18, 2016
Do you mean Mama Kurenai? But honestly, I just want to hold and smooch Ayame and maybe cry with her. The story is going at a good pace and i am ready to read more. The grammar and dialogue is also well thought out. good job bby *smooches*